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The Girl With The Chopsticks

Since the age of 14, Thalissa has been a fixture in the hair industry and is constantly on the hunt for models for her trend shows. At one of these events, Janneke found herself sitting in Thalissa's chair.


As Thalissa showcased her skills on stage and answered questions from the interested audience, one question kept popping up: “What do you use to section off and fix hair?” Without missing an answer, Thalissa replied, “Just some chopsticks. I find them handy, when I find the right ones” She laughed and added, “I often get asked about them, even when I work internationally. But for me, it’s as simple as using cutlery, the only thing is there are not many with the right pointy end, so it’s always a search. “


During a break, the ever-innovative Janneke immediately pitched, “Thalissa, we have to do something with this!” Overwhelmed by her numerous commitments, Thalissa wondered aloud, “Where am I going to find the time?” Janneke assured her, “Let your creativity run wild, imagine the perfect hair chopsticks first, and let me handle the rest.”


The two-hour car ride home was transformative. By the end of the drive, they had extracted the essence, passion and vision of their brand. Thalissa explained in her whirlwind of creativity how a hair choppstick should look like, and Janneke made notes… A year later, their dream has become a reality. Born out of a whirlwind of creative chaos and a master at channeling it, they proudly introduce: CHOPPS.

Janneke Finals-155.jpg


Welcome to CHOPPS! We are the go-to specialists for innovative hair chopps, the essential accessory for all hair enthusiasts. Whether you’re a professional stylist, a barber, or a DIY enthusiast, our chopps are multifunctional and ideal for everyone! Use the chopp to pin up your hair or as a stylish accessory, but also as an indispensable tool when dyeing or styling your hair. 


Discover how CHOPPS can transform and refine your styling routine. With CHOPPS, you can style your hair with ease without damaging the hair. Experience the revolution in hair care and styling with our unique, practical, and fashionable chopps!

At the heart of CHOPPS are two dynamic individuals: Thalissa Sleutel and Janneke Schmidt. They complement each other perfectly, combining extensive knowledge of the hair industry, business acumen and creative skills. Thalissa runs the business from the Netherlands, drawing on her extensive network of experts. Meanwhile, Janneke is strategically positioned in Asia to ensure she is close to the heartbeat of production.

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